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With over two decades of retail/supermarket experience, Dan has been driving results and developing programs that create business value within small and large organizations.  He has utilized his retail operations and merchandising experience to lead numerous training sessions, new systems deployments, integrations and related business process rollouts.  He has been highly successful in working with both packaged and custom applications, creating true ROI.

As a grocery/supermarket veteran, Dan has spent many years counseling retailers on the challenges of dealing with fresh product in bakery, deli, produce, meat and prepared foods.  He has been successful in leading systems implementations, creating solutions that deal with the challenges of fresh product (random weights, shelf life, ingredient labeling, shrink, scale hosting, etc)

He has effectively combined his deep understanding of retail with a sold project management disciple, allowing him to effectively manage projects in the retail space.  Dan has managed merchandising, operations and system projects, and has deep experience in deployments to headquarters and store locations.  He has served as the overall program manager to combined business and IT teams.  Prior to founding MCBEAIN, Dan spent time as a store manager, store owner, and two decades at Supervalu - a large wholesale/retailer, based in Minnesota.

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